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About COVID-19

The coronavirus disease COVID-19 is not only dominating the news, but also having an increasing impact on our private and professional lives. Dentaurum is committed to acting responsibly and with foresight in this situation.


tomas® - compliance-free treatment

Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD) for orthodintics

The tomas®-system is the perfect solution to make both standard and individual appliances. It is therefore a great benefit for beginners and experts in skeletal anchorage.


discovery® pearl

discovery® pearl fascinatingly natural

Discover our new highly aesthetic ceramic bracket discovery®pearl. When bonded to the tooth discovery® pearl adapts perfectly to the natural environment of the tooth do to its shade and high degree of translucency. Check out our discovery® pearl accessories for the perfect aesthetic treatment.


Discovery® smart - Small and brilliant

The little one with the perfect cut

Small in size but with brilliant qualities. This is the new premium metal bracket discovery® smart from Dentaurum. This mini bracket is the result of consistent advancement of the longstanding and well proven brackets discovery®. It complements the bracket series with smaller dimensions and an innovatively designed arched slot.


amda® - compliance-free treatment

advanced molar distalization appliance

Together with the tomas® system, amda® offers a safe system for the distalization of upper molars. As a skeletal anchorage device it can be used both for the bi- or unilateral distalization or mesialization of upper molars and for the retraction of the upper anterior teeth depending on how it is fitted.


Orthocryl® LC

Orthocryl® LC – delightfully different

Orthocryl® LC is an addition to the diverse product range of our Orthocryl® acrylic system. Orthocryl® LC is a light-curing acrylic that saves time and material. It is easy to use and available in six vivid colors. There are no limits to your creativity when working with Orthocryl® LC.


Dentaurum goes mobile

More than 10,000 products in your pocket

The interactive product catalogues are now available as an app for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.


Two strong partners

remanium® and rema®

remanium® and rema® guarantee user-friendly, optimally fitting results both in the cast partial technology and crown and bridge technology using CrCo alloys as the solution for prosthetic restorations.


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